Cheltenham Festival 2023: Top Online Bookmakers for Prize Money and Odds

The Cheltenham Festival is almost approaching, and punters and viewers should prepare for a large crowd. Do you think it’s fancy to place your own bets on the festival? Then, you may consult this comprehensive betting guide to learn about the different types of wagers available, the best ways to maximize your chances of winning, and more.

When is the next Cheltenham Festival?

The Cheltenham Festival will be up on March 14 and run until the 17th. There will be several different races for horses and riders during the course of four days.


Day 1: The Day of Champions. The Unibet Champion Hurdle is included.

Wednesday, Day 2 of the Festival. The Betway Queen Mother Champion Steeplechase is included.

Day Three: Thursday, March 17th. The excitement of the Ryanair Chase is guaranteed.

Fourth-day, Gold Cup Day. Bringing the Boodles Happiness Cheltenham The Gold Cup Steeplechase.

Betting Tactics for the Cheltenham Festival


When betting on horses, value betting is a top tactic. If you’re new to this form of gaming, this is the best place to start. This is because you won’t need to spend a ton of time in advance studying horse racing forms. There is no requirement for prior knowledge or specific sources of information. Finding the greatest odds in an online sportsbook is essential for value betting. Useful tools for value betting include comparison websites like Oddschecker.


It’s also fantastic to take advantage of the bookies’ bonuses and special offers. You can improve your bankroll and open up more betting options with these promotions. These rewards are standard at the larger bookies, and they often run special deals around major tournaments like Cheltenham. Pair this with a commitment to value betting on high-profile racing events to maximize your winnings. It’s also crucial for keeping your finances in order. This will help you determine the amount you can afford to risk.


Cheltenham 2023: The Best Betting Deals Available

We’ve touched on betting promotions before, but now we’ll name some of the finest betting sites for Cheltenham 2019. Below you’ll discover some great deals that you can take advantage of before placing your bets at the Cheltenham racecourse.


If you put £20 on a selection with minimum odds of 4/5 at put UK, you’ll receive £60 in free bets.

William Hill: Place a £10 bet and receive a £30 free bet!

TonyBet Offers a Match Bonus of 100% up to £50.

Bet £10 and receive £30 in free bets from BetVictor.

Multiple Cheltenham Promotions at 888 Casino

How Do I Bet at Cheltenham?


You can wager on many different outcomes at Cheltenham and other horse races. You can choose how many and which markets to invest in. Here, we’ll look specifically at the most typical and well-liked wagers that can be made at the Cheltenham Festival. Read on for further details on this topic.


Cheltenham Stakes Singles

Singles are the most popular type of wager at horse races. This is due to the fact that a single wager’s rules are the easiest to grasp. You are, in effect, placing a wager on the outcome of a horse race. To back that horse, you simply enter a stake. This form of wager is available on every race, and odds are displayed for each horse to help you pick the winner.


When compared to a double or triple, this bet type stands out. A double is a single wager on two different outcomes. If you want a return, you need to choose both of those options to work. A treble consists of making the same bet, but selecting three distinct horses to triumph. Of course, doubles and trebles carry more danger than single wagers.


Multipliers and Accumulators

Those who have played the gambling game before may prefer an accumulator (acca) bet. You have to pick several horses competing in various races and wager on them all together. Each horse you pick from within that stable must come in first in its individual race. If this doesn’t happen, the accumulator will never pay off. Given that such wagers frequently involve five, six, seven, or even more picks, they entail significantly higher risks.


Experienced gamblers know that many bets have a better chance of paying off and are more comfortable placing them. Multiple bets might take many forms, but they always share a common conceptual foundation. Multiple wagers on a single sporting event are placed simultaneously. So, instead of picking horses from different races for an acca, you pick multiple horses from the same race and combine them into a single wager. In a horse race, for instance, you may bet on a certain horse to place first, second, or third.


Point Spreads

Spread bets offer a new and exciting method to wager on thoroughbred races. Instead of betting at even money, you wager against the spread. Different variations of this exist, with Lucky 31 being the most common. With this strategy, you can place 31 wagers on your five selected events (5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds, and 1 five-fold accumulator). The Super Yankee is an additional choice. It’s really similar, except this time you’re betting on 26 different permutations across 5 distinct occasions. Doubles and above are included here.


There are a total of 57 wagers (one for each bottle of Heinz sauce) split among six different options in a Heinz spread bet. There are 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fours, 6 fives, and 1 six in this multiple. In a similar vein, Lucky 63 requires you to wager 63 times on a possible six outcomes. Since there is a lot to learn and understand, novices rarely become involved in spread betting.


The Round Robin bet, which allows for anything from three to ten possible bet combinations, and the Union Jack bet are two additional spread betting choices for horse races. The latter entails anything from 8 possible permutations to 80.


Cheltenham Festival Bets Without Risk

For the Cheltenham Festival, some online bookmakers may even throw in free wagers. You can have more chances to back your favorite teams without spending any money with this campaign. After fulfilling all requirements, free bet winnings can be cashed out. Who, if anyone, is offering free wagers on this year’s Cheltenham races?


Bet UK, Bet365, William Hill, Betfred, Betfair, Mr. Play Sport, 888 Sport, and Midnite are just some of the online bookies that offer free Cheltenham bets to their customers. Browse these options to select an online sportsbook that suits your personal tastes and betting requirements.

Bets for the Cheltenham Festival


Now that you have the current odds from your preferred bookmaker, how do you go about placing a wager? In order to place wagers on the Cheltenham Festival, please refer to the detailed guidelines provided below.


Before heading to Cheltenham, make sure you have a race schedule and race card in hand. By doing so, you can determine when specific races take place.

Pick an online sportsbook to become a member of. Examine the best choices and give preference to the sites that have lower margins. Think about using bookmakers that provide real-time race information and ante-post betting options.

Create a profile with the online sportsbook. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to finish this.

Find out what the betting lines are for the race (or races) you want to wager on. Check out other online sportsbooks to see if they can beat these costs.

Make a payment into your account using any of the accepted ways. This can typically be done with the use of a credit or debit card, an electronic wallet, a bank transfer, or a prepaid card.

Put up some money on something, and hope that it turns out to be a good bet and pays off for you.

Who Are the Best Cheltenham Festival Tipsters?

If you don’t want to rely exclusively on your own understanding, you can always consult a tipster. They are real, and they are known as experts in the fields of sports betting and horse racing. As a result, they are a valuable source of information about the horses and jockeys in the races. The advice they give is tailored to the individual abilities and health of each runner and rider. With these pointers in mind, you should have no trouble finding your way around the Cheltenham betting scene.


Social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram have become prime locations for tips. As an alternative, you can check out their websites, where they typically post detailed information on forthcoming races. How can you determine which of these tipsters is most reliable? Make sure you go with one that doesn’t promise satisfied customers. The outcome of a horse race, like the outcome of any other sporting event, is largely dependent on the abilities of the competitors on the day of the race. As a result, no one can provide you any assurances when it comes to gambling.

Information and Data on the Festival


The original “National Hunt Meeting” celebration dates back to 1860.

The festival expanded from its original three days to its current four in 2005.

Over £4.5 million was awarded in prizes during The Festival 2019.

Over the course of the four days of racing, over 80,000 people utilize the bus shuttle service running between Cheltenham Racecourse and the town, and over 134,600 people use the Cheltenham train station, as reported by

The track is surrounded by rails for a total of 12,320 yards.

In 2016, jockey Ruby Walsh set a new record with seven victories at The Festival, as reported by

The record for most consecutive wins at the Cheltenham Festival is 6.

Katie Walsh won a Grade 1 race at The Festival for the first time in 2018.

More than 45,000 bread rolls, 5 tons of cheese, and 8,000 gallons of tea are served throughout the celebration.

Do you have questions regarding placing bets at the Cheltenham Festival? In order to learn more about them, please read the frequently asked questions we’ve provided below.


What are the odds for a Cheltenham race?


Look for a reputable and well-reviewed online sportsbook to join. Before signing up, compare the odds with other bookmakers and see if there is a good promotion you can take advantage of.


What is the percentage of payout?


This is the portion of bets that are returned to the players by sportsbooks. It’s the proportion of money staked on a sport that actually gets paid out to the winners in cash, or the “vigorish.”


Who decides the odds?


The Cheltenham Festival odds are determined independently by each sportsbook. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out multiple sites to find the best odds on the market you’re interested in betting on.

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